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Uganda is richly endowed with many renewable energy resources for energy production and provision of energy services.  Much, however, still needs to be done to realise this potential since majority of available resources remain largely under-utilized.
Considering the fact that energy is a critical input and driver of every aspect in the economy, there is a need for improvement in the sector.
To support the mitigation process, in January 2015, business associations in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector initiated the Uganda National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Alliance (UNREEEA).

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  • Establishment of permanent working relationships with government departments, civil organisations, development partners as well as all other stakeholders in the Energy industry.
  • Strengthening of capacity building initiatives for member companies, institutions and individuals through a number of activities aimed at disseminating knowledge and increasing skills.
  • Initiation of private sector led renewable energy projects to supply power to the off-grid communities of Uganda.
  • Up-grade of the private sector led approach in the development and improvement of RET’s in Uganda.
  • Aggressive lobbying for consumer protection, adherence to quality and enforcement of standards in as far as the renewable energy sector is concerned.
  • Initiation, operation and management of a revolving fund for development, promotion and investment in RET’s to achieve off-grid rural electrification in greater Uganda.

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Benefits to members

Members of UNREEEA stand to benefit in a number of ways in that this platform will :

  • Enhance interaction among different associations, enabling them to share expertise across the board.
  • Strengthen the ability of RE&EE associations to unanimously lobby for improved policy and legal framework conditions and development and expansion of the market for RE & EE solutions.
  • Provide a hub facilitating easy and effective flow of information in the RE & EE business sector.
  • Create capacity to leverage resources and expand access to finance.
  • Enable its member associations to further consolidate their leadership position in the National RE & EE sector, as well as at East African Community level.
  • UNREEEA is at the forefront of the formation of the East Africa Renewable Energy Alliance.
  • UNREEEA members stand to benefit from this regional association.

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Our Partners

UNREEEA is closely working together with different partners. They support our aims, help with capacity building or funding of activities, enabling the alliance to reach its vision, mission and objectives and to strengthen its members.



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