With a renewable energy resource of 2000 MW of Hydro power, 450 MW of geothermal, 460 million tonnes of Biomass standing stock with a sustainable annual yield of 50 million tonnes, and an average of 5-6 KWh/m² / day of solar energy, wind and geothermal power whose potential has been fully assessed country wide. Uganda has the ability to meet its sky locating energy demands sustainably while promoting business through a vibrant public – private sector partnerships as it is the development trend worldwide.

it is in the above arrangement that in January 2015 the private sector players in the private sector players in the various renewable energy and energy efficiency sub- sectors signed a memorandum of understanding to come to come under one umbrella called the Uganda National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency  Alliance (UNREEEA) with a primary aim of availing a platform for consolidating the renewable energy and energy efficiency business sector.