Biomass Energy Efficient Tehnologies Association (BEETA) is a nonprofit making organization whose mission is to promote networking, understanding, knowledge and action among different groups or companies working towards promotion of efficient biomass energy technologies in Uganda. As a member of UNREEEA, BEETA aims to use the technological advancements in biomass energy technologies to bring social economic, security, environmental prudence, productivity and innovativeness among members of the association. BEETA recognizes the need to participate in research activities either alone or in partnership with other organizations. In this respect various studies are planned to record vital aspects of biomass energy saving equipment including improved stoves, baking ovens, incinerators and water heaters so as to have evidence based pricing strategy. BEETA is also developing a platform for networking among the member associations to explore opportunities for shared production and distribution facilities.


Be lead association in promoting biomass energy efficient technologies to conserve and protect the environment while improving livelihoods and creating employment.


To promote biomass energy efficient technologies through networking, sharing information, and developing knowledge among member organizations/individuals to conserve and protect the environment sustainably.

  • To build a platform for information sharing, technical and organizational support amongst the stove manufacturers in Uganda.
  • To promote awareness on the efficient and effective use, repair and maintenance of appropriate and environmentally friendly biomass energy technologies in Uganda.
  • To lobby and advocate government policies that influence and promote activities in relation to the association’s activities.
  • To improve monitoring and evaluation of BEETA members’ work and support the development of standards for biomass efficient energy technologies.
  • To mobilize resources to run the association’s activities.
Core Values


Gender Sensitivity



Self Accountability


Member Cohesion

Team Work