The Wind Power Association of Uganda (WPAU) is an association of several private companies who deal in various aspects of Wind Power Technology in Uganda and its main aim is to promote the development of wind power technology in Uganda.
WPAU was incorporated in Uganda in 2016 as a company limited by guarantee and is a member of Uganda National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Alliance (UNREEEA).


To become a partner of choice for wind power development globally.


To contribute to the global development and sound management of wind power resources for sustainable access to energy and improved social economic progress.

  • To build Capacity through trainings, embracing new wind power technologies and innovations through research and development.
  • To develop a platform for advisory and advocacy roles to government and private sector on behalf of wind power stake holders.
  • To originate, promote and participate in the enforcement of quality standards of technology and technical installations, services, practice and management of wind power resources.
  • To initiate, conduct and assist various programs aimed at promoting the use of wind power technology and services.
  • To mobilize resources, knowledge management, networking and information sharing amongst stakeholders and investments in wind power.
  • To promote and create awareness for the need of environmental protection/ conservation in the catchment areas.