The top leadership of UNREEEA is composed of a Board of Directors who are the chairpersons of all its six member associations. The board is responsible for giving a strategic direction to alliance’s work through setting targets, time-frames and any other tools that guide the operations of the Secretariat.


Mr. Abdeel Kyezira Musigire

Chairman – UNREEEA Board

Director – Konserve Advisory Services Ltd

Mr. Harriet Okoed Achom

Deputy Chairperson – UNREEEA Board

Managing Director – ESEC Ltd

Mr. Nolbert Muhumuza

Secretary – UNREEEA Board

Co-founder and CEO – Awamu Biomass Energy Ltd.

Mr. Benard Sembatya

Treasurer – UNREEEA Board

Director- Reincon Engineers Ltd.

Mr. James Ludigo

Member – UNREEEA Board

Technical Officer – Uganda Cleaner Production Centre

Mr. Mbaine Benard

Member – UNREEA Board