The alliance seeks to unite RE&EE associations in Uganda, under one umbrella organization. Planned activities include market development for member associations, capacity building, standard quality assurance and consumer protection, lobbying for conducive policy and regulatory frameworks and their implementation, awareness raising and information dissemination.

A number of organizations are already members of UNREEEA.
  • Biomass Energy Efficient Technologies Association (BEETA)
  • Uganda National Biogas Alliance (UNBA)
  • Hydropower Association of Uganda (HPAU)
  • Energy Efficiency Association of Uganda (EEAU)
  • Uganda Solar Energy Association (USEA)
  • Wind Power Association
Benefits to members

Members of UNREEEA stand to benefit in a number of ways in that this platform will;

  • Enhance interaction among different associations, enabling them to share expertise across the board.
  • Strengthen the ability of RE&EE associations to unanimously lobby for improved policy and legal framework conditions and development and expansion of the market for RE & EE solutions.
  • Provide a hub facilitating easy and effective flow of information in the RE & EE business sector and creating capacity to leverage resources and expand access to finance.
  • Enable its member associations to further consolidate their leadership position in the National RE & EE sector, as well as at East African Community level.
  • UNREEEA is at the forefront of the formation of the East Africa Renewable Energy Alliance. ¬†UNREEEA members stand to benefit from this regional association.