BEETA was founded in September 2010, and is registered by Registrar of Companies. Currently, there are 50 members which include companies involved in production of biomass efficient technologies such as briquettes, stoves as well as institutions involved in research and development on Biomass energy. Membership is open to all e.g. stoves, oven, briquettes, biogas systems, etc. Members pay a membership fee of 200,000/ UGX, and an annual subscription fee of 100,000/ UGX.

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BEETA Committees

BEETA has an Executive Committee and sub-Committees serving under the Executive Committee. The table below indicates the Executive Committee and sub-Committees.

Chairperson Mr. Nolbert Muhumuza 0776 346 724
Vice Chairperson Mrs. Virginia Ssemakula 0772 427 494
Secretary Mr. Patrick Mulindwa 0774 698 025
Treasurer Mr. Ronald Ssebale 0756 51 8242
Head fuels working group committee Hellington Ziwa 0751 680 638
Head stove working group committee Abdul Busulwa 0752 707 474
Head of distribution working group committee Moses Amone 0774 198 895