Strategic Goals and Objectives

We aim to achieve the following goals:

  • Institutional Governance and Management: To build the capacity of all members on institutional governance and management through provision of guidance, facilitation and participation of members in local, regional and inter-regional development policies and programs.
  • Partnership and Resource Mobilization: To facilitate partnership development of BEETA that enhances the design and implementation of developed projects at both at the local and national level, and to engage diverse partners in resource mobilization.
  • Membership Growth and Development: To facilitate and contribute to membership recruitment into the association and ensure membership development, targeting 100 members per year.
  • Awareness, Lobbying and Advocacy: To create awareness in the general public through networking with regional, international, Government agencies and NGOs involved with environmental protection to promote biomass efficient technologies.
  • Establish a Research and Productivity Improvement Center: A productivity improvement incubation facility will be established, to help members create new innovations through collection, analysis and dissemination of information within the Biomass energy sub-sector.
  • Capacity Building for Members: Capacity building is central to the activities of BEETA because it enhances cooperation and trust among members and various players such as investors, Employers, Donors, Service providers and the Government.
Main Achievements To date
  • BEETA has played a crucial role of coordinating, mobilizing members within the biomass energy sub-sector to participate in different activities concerning biomass energy. View the list of BEETA member companies
  • BEETA has also liaised with other partners and development partners such as; SNV, GVEP International, Private Sector Foundation Uganda, among others in developing and promoting of energy efficient technologies.