To become a partner of choice for hydropower development globally.


Contribute to the global development and sound management of Hydropower resources for sustainable access to energy and improved socio economic progress.

  • To achieve additional installed capacity of 500 MW by the year 2020.
  • To enhance the technical capacity with in Uganda in all aspects of hydropower
  • Increased investment in hydropower by enhanced involvement of financial institutions in Uganda
  • Create a regular information exchange and networking platform for hydropower stakeholders in Uganda
  • Achieve high level of compliance and technical service standards
Objectives and Purposes for which the Association is established are:-
  • Develop a platform for advisory and advocacy roles to Government and private sector on behalf of hydropower stakeholders.
  • Origination, promotion and enforcement of Quality standards of technology and technical installations, services, practice and management of hydropower resources.
  • Capacity development through trainings, embracing new hydropower technologies and innovations through research and development.
  • Promotion and marketing of the hydropower technology and services.
  • Resource mobilization (financial, technical, technological etc.), Knowledge management, networking and information sharing amongst stakeholders and investments in hydropower.
  • Environmental protection/conservation in the catchment areas.

Statement Of Purpose

This Strategic Plan is the blue print that defines HPAUL’s priority actions for the development of the hydropower sub-sector. It provides association members, clients, government and development partners who work with HPAUL, the strategic direction that the association aspires to pursue to meet the expectations of stakeholders.

The expectations are to be realized through pursuit of the following strategic objectives:
  • Business Environment Policy Advocacy
  • Hydropower Local Business Capacity Development: Develop local institutional and human resource capacity to meet International Standards.
  • Membership Development and Services Provision
  • HYDROPOWER Research and Appropriate Technology Development
  • Develop and Implement Hydropower Information, Education and Communication campaign
  • Sustainable Institutional Development and Resource mobilization
  • Create and Enhance National, Regional and International Partnerships and Networks for effective hydropower development and management.