Vision, mission, objectives

In the constitution of UNBA, filed on November 14th, 2014, under #4, 5 and 6, the following is stipulated:

Our vision

Be a leading driver for a commercially viable biogas sector in Africa.

Our mission

To contribute to the global development of commercial biogas sector for sustainable livelihoods and improved socio-economic progress through promotion of quality standards, design, technological innovations, Research & Development, and knowledge management.

Our Objectives
  • Establish the management plan of the association, mobilize resources to sustain the association.
  • Originate and enforce standards, codes of practice, regulations and policies.
  • Develop a platform for advisory and advocacy roles to Government and private sector on behalf of biogas stakeholders.
  • Embrace new biogas technologies through research and development.
  • Capacity building through organizational and human resource development, access to finance and markets, technology transfer and information sharing amongst stakeholders, other renewable energy associations and development partners.
  • Promotion and marketing of biogas and bio-slurry to mainstream energy, sanitation and agricultural development options at household as well as institutional and commercial levels.
  • Mainstream Gender and HIV/AIDS into all aspects of the biogas sector development.

The NEC of UNBA, together with the development partner GIZ, has developed a two years’ activity plan¬†that can be downloaded here. It describes the planned activities in order to achieve the said objectives and to create more benefits to any member of UNBA.

Amongst many others, activities planned are the following:

  • Raise awareness and promote the use of biogas and bio slurry.
  • Interconnect members, financing institutes, customers and professionals.
  • Establish regional offices to allow know how transfer and to establish outlets for e.g. building material and appliances at special membership rates.
  • Approach financial institutions to obtain financing for members (customers and builders alike).
  • Conduct training workshops.
  • Interchange with other regional/national associations of the RE/EE sector in Uganda and the EAU.