4th Africa Mini Grids Summit 2018 – March 21-22 in Nairobi, Kenya




The Only Authoritative Platform to Meet
Relevant Industry Stakeholders and Deep Dive into Issues
on Upscaling Mini Grids Projects Implementation

IEA estimates that in order to achieve universal electricity access, mini grids will have to provide more than 40% of the new capacity needed by 2030 with the market potential for mini-grids to be US$4 billion per year.  In addition, the Sub-Saharan Africa off-grid population is forecasted to rise from 600 million to 698 million people in 2030. Mini grids have been identified as one of the most important platforms to address critical electrification shortages in Africa. Various projects utilizing different business models and technologies are now prevalent throughout Africa.
A Glimpse of Some of the Topics to be Deliberated at this Summit:
  • Analysing the Different Approaches to Mini Grids Implementation and Partnerships
  • Enabling Mini Grid Regulation and Policy Updates of African Countries
  • Advancing the Use of Green Mini Grids in Africa
  • Attaining the Social License to Operate from Local Communities
  • Avoiding Stranded Assets and Managing Investor Risks when the Grid Arrives
  • Hybrid Technologies Integration plus the Critical Importance of Energy Storage in Mini Grids
  • Attracting Big Time Investors and Commercial End Users to Recharge the Mini Grids Ecosystem
  • Pricing Issues for Africa: Affordable Costs of Energy vs Investor/Business Profits
  • Investor Risk vs What is Acceptable Profit in the African Context
  • “Future Proofing” Mini Grid Projects
  • Opportunities for Solar Mini Grids
  • Case Studies of Existing Mini Grids
  • plus many more industry-relevant issues…
Kitonyoni Solar Mini Grid Project in Makueni County, Kenya
An enriching site visit to a live mini grid project will enable participants to understand first-hand the social, technical, economic and humanitarian benefits of this project and how it was executed. Kitonyoni is an off-grid rural market village in Makueni County, Kenya. This activity is supported by the government of Kenya and is a project by the University of Southampton. A business and community model was developed and through an economically sustainable approach; the community contributes to the project and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the plant.
Showcase Your Technology Solutions Now!
We bring together the best and the brightest of business and technology.  This is your chance to strategically position your company within this authoritative platform for Africa mini grids deployment.  Meet with Government officials, energy regulators, public and private utilities companies, NGOs, community end users and industry equipment and solutions providers, as well as financiers and investors.
We have now officially opened the Call for Papers…
If you are a utility operator, financier or technology innovator setting the boundaries in this sector, we like to hear from you.  Email your presentation topic and abstract to me today.
We look forward to welcoming you to the 4th Africa Mini Grids Summit 2018

In Nairobi this March 21-22!

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