EADB – Biodiversity Investment Fund

The EADB Biodiversity Investment Fund (BIF) is a new financing facility available to several qualifying sectors, including to renewable energy. BIF provides attractive loan financing for businesses that can demonstrate a positive
and measurable impact or contribution towards biodiversity in Uganda. It has been created through a partnership between EADB and KFW, and is one of the first such funds in Africa.

Target sectors are eco-tourism, fisheries/aquaculture, organic agriculture, forestry & apiculture, other wildlife-based enterprises and renewable energy. Renewable energy is considered as one of the key economic activities in rural areas that could both contribute to economic growth and biodiversity conservation. The funding applications are expected to begin in July 2018 but initial enquiries and sourcing of potential applicants is ongoing.

Eligibility Criteria

General Business Criteria
• Operating business registered in Uganda
• Existing or viable start-up businesses
• Other co-investment for the project (e.g. by owners or others)
• A clear and compelling business/project and financing plan

Biodiversity Impact Criteria
• Can demonstrate a positive and measurable impact or
contribution to biodiversity conservation
• Operates (or plans to operate) in or near one of the important
biodiversity areas

 Investment Terms

  • Flexible loan sizes ranging from UGX 450 million to UGX 3.5 billion
    • Medium to long-term maturity of up to 10 years
    • Attractive interest rates compared to commercial finance. 12%-15%
    per annum in Ush (subject to change)
    • Flexible grace periods reflecting business cycles

Download here the BIF General Information Leaflet or BIF Initial Enquiry Form

For More Information about this opportunity, contact:
The UNREEEA Secretariat through:
Noah Asinge (email: noah.asinge@unreeea.org)

The EADB / Agriculture and Finance Consultants (AFC) Team through:

Mr. Juraj Ujhazy, Team Leader, (email: juraj.ujhazy@afci.de)
Mr. Eugene Ntananga, Deputy Team Leader (email: eugene.ntananga@afci.de)