Uganda National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Alliance (UNREEEA), is coming up with an Renewable Energy Management Digest! This  will showcase  the critical perspectives on our Energy-driven futures through detailed articles with a diverse range of contributors. As part of its mandate, UNREEEA promotes the development, adoption and use of renewable energy and energy efficient solutions.

 Call for Articles: Therefore we are still open to article submissions for the Alliance’s Energy Digest. If you would like to contribute, contact us  to obtain selected themes  and some suggested topics before making any submissions, by writing to info@unreeea.org. We are interested in scholars, entrepreneurs, engineers and other technical persons within the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector.

Rules and Regulations: The article has to be an analysis on any of the selected themes for your reference. One is open to write on any topic under the selected theme.The articles should be orginal and not infringing any copyright. Checking for plagiarism will be done therefore references should be cited much as possible.