EEP Africa: Building an Inclusive Energy Transition

The clean energy transition is playing an important role in society and furthering sustainable economic growth. A just transition will require deliberate efforts to ensure inclusivity, equity and a human-centered approach to innovation. Women, youth and local entrepreneurs can enact real change in their communities and should be supported as leaders in the energy transition. […]

Zembo: Investment Opportunity in E-Mobility

The Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG), InfraCo, DOB Equity and Mobility 54 Investment SAS are backing e-mobility startup Zembo by committing $3,4 million. This investment will go a long way toward growing the company‚Äôs electric motorcycle business in Kampala, Uganda. Zembo provides affordable electric motorcycles and battery-as-a-service for motorcycle taxi drivers in Africa, recharging them […]

E-Mobility Startup Energy Webinar

E-mobility is a global trend that could revolutionize the way people get around the world. But mobility in Africa is at a very different stage of development than in other parts of the world. Consequently, e-mobility in Africa must also offer specific and adapted solutions to be efficient. These solutions are being developed by very […]