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Build your career in Renewable Energies

Welcome to the Renewable Energy Internship Programme

A platform aimed at connecting interns to potential training (internships) opportunities within the clean energy sector in Uganda.


Uganda’s renewable energy sector has experienced a significant growth in the recent past. With over 95% of the country’s electricity generation capacity being supplied by renewable energy (majorly hydro power) and 38% out 58% of national electrification being served by decentralized renewable energy (DRE) solutions (mainly solar home systems), the renewable energy sector demonstrates a great capacity to contribute to the creation of quality jobs.

UNREEEA through its membership network of over 550 renewable energy companies is implementing the “Renewable Energy Internship Programme” to provide 6-months internship (apprenticeship) training to final year students. The Renewable Energy Internship Programme is a career development initiative aiming at equipping students who are passionate about renewable energy and energy efficiency with knowledge and practical experience in the different renewable energy technologies and fields.

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