Biomass Energy Efficiency Technologies Association (BEETA) is a nonprofit making organization which works as the common voice of the biomass sector in Uganda with the aim of developing a competitive and sustainable biomass market. Founded in 2011, BEETA brings together in the private sector players including Individuals, Companies, Academic/Research institutions and civil society organizations with an interest in Biomass Energy in Uganda.


Sustainable markets for biomass energy efficient technologies and biomass fuels in Uganda.


To promote biomass energy efficient technologies and conserve the environment.

  • To build a platform for information sharing, technical and organizational support amongst the stove manufacturers in Uganda.
  • To promote awareness on the efficient and effective use, repair and maintenance of appropriate and environmentally friendly biomass energy technologies in Uganda.
  • To lobby and advocate government policies that influence and promote activities in relation to the association’s activities.
  • To improve monitoring and evaluation of BEETA members’ work and support the development of standards for biomass efficient energy technologies.
  • To mobilize resources to run the association’s activities.
Core Values


Gender Sensitivity



Self Accountability


Member Cohesion

Team Work