The Hydro Power Association of Uganda (HPAU) was formed and duly incorporated in Uganda June 2014 with an aim to pursue realistic promotion, development and deployment of sustainable clean energy solutions. It brings together private companies dealing in various aspects of hydropower development.


To become a partner of choice for hydropower development in Uganda and globally.


HPAU seeks to contribute to the national, regional and global development and sound management of hydropower resources for sustainable access to energy for improved socio-economic progress.

  • To develop a platform for advisory and advocacy roles to the Uganda Government and the private sector on behalf of the hydropower stakeholders.
  • To originate, promote and enforce quality standards of technology and technical installations, services, practice and management of hydropower.
  • To promote and market hydropower technology and services.
  • To mobilize resources (financial, technical), manage knowledge, network and share information amongst stakeholders in the hydropower subsector.
  • To complement other stakeholders in efforts of environmental protection and conservation.