To catalyse the dissemination biogas as clean cooking technologies in Uganda through a private sector approach, regional business associations in the Ugandan biogas sector formed the Uganda National Biogas Alliance (UNBA) in April 2014 and registered it in November of the same year. The alliance now serves as the national umbrella organization of the Ugandan biogas sector, aiming to unite and support all stakeholders and the existing regional associations in the biogas sector.

The regional associations of now are:

  • Eastern Ugandan Biogas Association (EUBA),
  • Western Ugandan Biogas Association (WUBA),
  • Interregional Biogas Association (IRBA),
  • Ugandan Biogas Association (UBA).

Furthermore, UNBA is open to Associate Members like private sector enterprises, Scientific Faculties or donors.


Be a leading driver for a commercially viable biogas sector in Africa.


Consolidate sustainable associations that contribute to the global development of commercial biogas sector for improved livelihoods and socio-economic progress.

  • To represent and participate in the biogas sector as an unified national voice within Uganda and beyond.
  • To lobby policy-makers on the most adequate policies to develop a sustainable biogas sector.
  • To develop an advocacy platform to engage Government and private sector on behalf of biogas stakeholders.
  • To develop and implement standards, codes of practice, regulations and policies and to prevent counterfeit.
  • To support capacity building for members.
  • To promote and market the benefits of biogas and its products to mainstream energy, sanitation and agricultural development at household and institutional levels.
  • To provide and support access for members to finance, markets, and technology transfer.
  • To ensure safety, health and environmental protection in the biogas sector.

In order to achieve the said objectives and to create more benefits to any member of UNBA and its regional associations, the following are the action areas:

  • Support decentralization of biogas dissemination in Uganda through regional associations.
  • Accelerate adoption through lobbying financing institutions to design new financing schemes with low interest rates.
  • Resources mobilization.
  • Capacity building.
  • Dissemination of standards & codes of practice.