Uganda National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Alliance


Services to Members

As a membership organization, UNREEEA’s main services to members are:


UNREEEA advocates for a conducive environment for private sector involvement in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency to sustain its growth and development.


UNREEEA facilitates partnerships with stakeholders including government, private sector, manufacturers at local, national and regional levels. This will leverage businesses, policies and learning at all levels.

Capacity building

Capacity building at different levels for the different actors in according with specific roles and responsibilities.

Research and Development

UNREEEA participates in various research and Development projects within the context of clean energy and development with various partners particularly think tanks and academia. This collaboration will provide useful information to members, policy makers and investors to engage in different R&D projects either collectively with other partners or individually. Similarly, such involvement offers support to members to access relevant information that will facilitate investment, trade and innovation in the RE and EE in Uganda.


UNREEEA strives to uphold delegated mandate from government for skills development and certification services for energy sector technicians such artisan, solar technicians, briquette manufacturers and biogas masons and start up ESCOs and RESCOs.

Resource mobilization

UNREEEA mobilizes resources from short, medium and long term sources to support institutional development, membership services and sustainability.

Membership Categories

This category consists of fully registered renewable energy associations, companies/organisations with deep interests and actively involved in growth and promotion of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency within the sector.
Entities under this category may include; Renewable Energy Associations, Companies and Manufacturers

Member Benefits

  • Free Promotion through UNREEEA Cooperate Member Leaflet
  • Free Calendars every year
  • Reduced rates on exhibitions
  • Access to UNREEEA’s tenders /Advertisements.

This category consists of companies/organisations whose participation within the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency space is peripheral. These, however, are key in successful realisation of projects.

Entities under this category may include; Commercial Organisations, Educational Institutions, Legal Firms, Consultation and Environmental Assessment Organisations

Member Benefits

  • Free Link of your website on UNREEEA website
  • Full Access to all UNREEEA tenders / advertisements
  • UNREEEA Lobby work (representation of interests)
  • Free opportunities to publish articles or information via Email, magazine or on our website.
  • Reduced rates of advertisement in our magazine and website.
  • Network and knowledge exchange with Cooperate Members.

This category consists of anyone whom the Alliance wishes to honor for exceptional service to the Renewable Energy Industry.  A proposal to award Honorary Membership is made by designated committees.

Member Benefits

  • Listing as an Honorary Member on the UNREEEA website.
  • Invitation to submit articles for UNREEEA website and Magazine.
  • Opportunity to participate in research and development (R&D)
  • Participation in a range of working groups and committees

Membership Subscription

UNREEEA welcomes organisations, companies, businesses and other entities that share our vision to create a dynamic and well established Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency sector. 

Interested parties must fill our application form that will be reviewed by the Board of Directors. Upon acceptance, the company will then be required to pay an annual subscription fee to become an active member. 

To avoid becoming passive members, the companies are required to renew their subscription annually. Membership services and participation activities are only offered to active members who have paid the annual fee for the current calendar year

Ordinary Membership

Small Associations (Upto 50 members)
UGX 700,000 Annually
  • Registration fee: 1,000,000

Ordinary Membership

Medium Associations (51 to 150 members)
UGX 1,000,000 Annually
  • Registration fee: 1,500,000

Ordinary Membership

Large Associations (Over 150 members)
UGX 2,000,000 Annually
  • Registration fee: 2,500,000

Ordinary Membership

Corporate (Above 500m UGX Annual Turnover)
UGX 1,500,000 Annually
  • Registration fee: 2,000,000

Associate Membership

Commercial Organisations, Institutions, Legal, Consultancy, etc)
UGX 2,000,000 Annually
  • Registration fee: 2,500,000

Honorary Membership

UGX 0 Annually


  • 5-day seminar
  • In-depth trainings on technical, financial and didactic topics
  • Group work, discussions, as well as computer-based and interactive exercises

Target group:

  • Trainer with previous experiences in access to finance education, banking, clean energy or climate finance
  • Professionals who wish to enhance their financial evaluation and didactical skills in order to become a trainer in the field of green energy/climate finance

After the TtT-Seminar, participating trainers are:

  • Provided with a starter kit of slides, exercises and additional tools for trainers
  • Equipped with hard facts and soft skills to develop their individual training
  • Capacitated to undertake courses autonomously


Topics addressed include:

  • Political and legal frameworks of the energy market in Uganda
  • Characteristics of decentralised RE markets in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Technologies for small- and medium-scale renewable energy applications
  • Business models for decentralised RE technologies
  • Business plan development
  • SME Finance and loan assessment cycle
  • Project Finance / RE and EE project evaluation
  • International climate finance options
  • Accessing the Green Climate Fund

Implemented through:

  • RE and EE case studies from Uganda, Senegal and other SSA-markets
  • Live expert-led webinars to discuss specific questions