Needs Assessment & Value Proposition


UNREEEA is the national representative umbrella organisation of business associations and actors in the renewable energy and energy Efficiency space in Uganda. The goal of the alliance is to contribute towards increasing access to modern energy use in Uganda by contributing to Uganda’s energy targets highlighted in the Energy policy and the 2015 SE4ALL action agenda.

GOGLA conducted a health check on UNREEEA as part of its initiative to identify intervention(s) areas to strengthen NREAs’ competence such as UNREEEA, to scale up its activities and respond to renewable energy market concerns.

Based on GOGLA’s UNREEEA Health Check report, recommendations were made to urgently identify cross-cutting issues to lobby and advocate for. In addition, the report suggests collapsing the founding associations into renewable energy technology working groups to amplify the lobbying, better coordinate and maximise economies of scale in expenditure management for communication and awareness plans. 

One actionable area proposed to be undertaken was the need to formulate a Value Proposition informed by the member engagement document and a member Needs Assessment Survey which is to be conducted through a consultancy and environmental firm, Earth Partners (U) Limited

Earth Partner (U) Limited, is a firm with extensive experience in data collecting and analysis. The Earth Partners as a consultancy company, offer a wide range of professional services and will conduct a comprehensive needs assessment survey to ascertain services that UNREEEA’s member’s desire, identify the top key issues in the sector affecting the renewable energy companies’ ease of doing business and make recommendations on how to resolve existing gaps and capitalise on possibilities to scale up the renewables market and foster its growth in Uganda.


“To strengthen UNREEEA’s organisational capacity and contribute to membership development services”


The Needs Assessment and Value Proposition study, will investigate the current status of companies in UNREEEA membership doing renewable energy business, capture and assess challenges of renewable energy market, policy and regulatory environment, skills and training gaps, the implementation gaps and general challenges affecting sector advancement

This study will also stock-take and profile the needs of renewable energy companies’ country wide and projects under the UNREEEA network. Data collected will be analysed and visualised in order to identify topics of high priority for trainings as well as the status and feedback of companies to inform the development of strategies and tools to guide UNREEEA’s work, and other development partners and institutions in renewable energy sector.



  • Better coordination and representation of the UNREEEA membership
  • Increased visibility of the alliance as a professional body with more value-added services offered.
  • Increased membership for UNREEEA and its member associations.
  • Enhanced organisational growth, and increased financial mechanisms of UNREEEA
  • Update and developed credible data and a robust database for DRE companies.
  • Identified business trainings topics for the investment academies organised by partners such as GOGLA and Alliance for rural Electrification in collaboration with UNREEEA.