Through the secretariat which is responsible for implementation of all its activities, UNREEEA operates through four action areas:


Market development

The alliance supports market development through promotion of investment, research and awareness creation.  In partnership with government and other sector stakeholders, the alliance supports market awareness with a focus on energy and climate change. We use this as a demand side management tool to speed up the adoption rates of renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies for sustainable development in Uganda.

In efforts to boost market development, the alliance also aspires to use both market based and scientific research to identify opportunities and bottlenecks for which it designs respective sustainable interventions.


Capacity building

In efforts to cope up with Uganda’s fast growing renewable energy and energy efficiency market, the alliance strives to increase knowledge and skills of players in the private sector through capacity building initiatives.

Lobbying and advocacy

The alliance intends to improve the business environment for member companies and enterprises within its network/supply side and the consumer side through advocacy and lobbying. We aim this at establishing a conducive regulatory and tax environment for renewable energy and energy efficiency businesses in Uganda.

Standards and quality assurance

Through a voluntary self-regulating mechanism, the alliance intends to ensure consumer protection through promoting adherence to quality and standards amongst its network members in the renewable energy sector of Uganda.

Action at the East African level

The alliance is a member of the Eastern African Renewable Energy Federation (EAREF) which brings together all private sector umbrella associations within the East African region. This is used as a platform for knowledge exchange in the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency across the region.