A significant data gap exists on the employment opportunity from delivering energy access to the millions of people and businesses worldwide who lack electricity. Powering Jobs is centered around jobs census for the distributed renewable energy sector or DRE. The jobs data is used to motivate support for DRE solutions (including mini-grids, rooftop solar for homes and businesses and productive use appliances) and energy access skills/training from the margins to the heart of policy and finance. 

For the 2021-2022 Powering Jobs study, Power for All is collaborating with the Uganda National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (UNREEEA) to complete the study for Uganda. Powering Job studyPower for All’s objective is to quantify the importance of decentralized renewable jobs for local economies by collecting and analyzing data that will drive employment-related decisions for the distributed renewable energy sector. 

The 2021-2022 study covers five countries—Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Ethiopia and India. The study will highlight the value of DRE as an important contributor in reducing unemployment while driving economic growth in energy-poor countries. It will provide a baseline that better enables the entire energy access ecosystem to make informed decisions about electrification strategies and the associated development impacts on job creation and increased energy access.