Uganda National Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Alliance

Uganda Solar Energy Association

About USEA

Uganda Solar Energy Association (USEA) is an independent nonprofit association dedicated to facilitating the growth and development of solar energy business in Uganda and the East African region. USEA formed in 2016 by private sectors companies that deal in solar energy business, with help from private sector foundation, ministry of energy and rural electrification agency and registered it under Section 10 of the Societies Act.


A vibrant institution that promotes the provision of solar energy solutions that match national, regional and international standards


To strengthen Uganda’s solar industry, facilitate business growth and promote self-regulation

Core Values

Awareness creation and membership mobilization

Capacity Building and Advocacy

Linkages and Networking

Self-Regulation and Support to Government

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Board/Committee Members

DOUGLAS Karugaba Baguma

Muhammed Lubowa

Emmy Wasirwa

Ismail Muyinda



  • 5-day seminar
  • In-depth trainings on technical, financial and didactic topics
  • Group work, discussions, as well as computer-based and interactive exercises

Target group:

  • Trainer with previous experiences in access to finance education, banking, clean energy or climate finance
  • Professionals who wish to enhance their financial evaluation and didactical skills in order to become a trainer in the field of green energy/climate finance

After the TtT-Seminar, participating trainers are:

  • Provided with a starter kit of slides, exercises and additional tools for trainers
  • Equipped with hard facts and soft skills to develop their individual training
  • Capacitated to undertake courses autonomously


Topics addressed include:

  • Political and legal frameworks of the energy market in Uganda
  • Characteristics of decentralised RE markets in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Technologies for small- and medium-scale renewable energy applications
  • Business models for decentralised RE technologies
  • Business plan development
  • SME Finance and loan assessment cycle
  • Project Finance / RE and EE project evaluation
  • International climate finance options
  • Accessing the Green Climate Fund

Implemented through:

  • RE and EE case studies from Uganda, Senegal and other SSA-markets
  • Live expert-led webinars to discuss specific questions