The Solar Taxation Handbook is a comprehensive guide to solar products, parts and accessories. It serves as a reference document and training resource for individuals, firms, officials and organizations involved in the movement, release and clearance of off-grid solar products.  

With the continued lack of clarity in import regulations, customs and tax policy, which factors have continued to cause delays in importation for companies as well as misunderstandings between the private sector and tax authorities, it is therefore vital to have the handbook as a living document.  

UNREEEA through GOGLA’s ‘PowerUp! Project are taking on the forefront in ensuring that the regional handbook is updated in accordance with recent changes in the tax laws and HS Codes classification changes at World Customs Organisation. An online portal for the handbook will also be created with up-to-date information about the handbook where users/stakeholders will be able access all the handbook information online. The portal will also allow for addition of other content over time.


The overall objective of this activity is to contribute to and facilitate the updating of the Solar Taxation Handbook for the East African region and creating an online platform for easier access. With the specific objectives: 

  1. Continue bridging of the inconsistencies in tax interpretation among all stakeholders including customs officials, importers, shipping and clearing agents across the EAC region.

  2. Provide detailed guidance on tariff classification for the contentious solar products through the online portal.

  3. Continue acting as a reference resource on off-grid products, parts, and accessories at the EAC regional level. This is in line with the spirit of trade facilitation, simplification, modernization and harmonization of export and import processes across the EAC region.